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paying college tuition

by Anna Holzier (2018-02-01)

I as essay writer at think this development is a great thing for students and universities. It aligns the student aim of gainful employment following graduation with their schools' goal of providing a value-added input into the students they graduate. It also provides early signals to the students as to which majors may qualify them for higher paying work and steers the students away from majors which may be interesting to the student, but not particularly useful in qualifying the student for higher-paying employment.

It is really educational malpractice to allow a student to spend years of his or her life accumulating tens of thousands of dollars in student debt for a degree that does not enhance the student's employment prospects.

Of course, if the student comes from a leisure class family and does not expect to use the degree to pursue employment following graduation, it is fine for them to study whatever they wish. But such students do not typically need to borrow money for college.