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our education

by Anna Holzier (2018-01-17)

Where to start? I don't believe universities should be the places to learn practical job skills - with perhaps some exceptions (medicine comes to mind). Rather than trying to make universities and colleges be everything for everyone I as the essay writer at the official website believe we should aim to create other avenues to learn valuable skills - business schools, trade schools, apprenticeship programs, etc. There are so many different professions in which a person can find joy and can contribute to society. Many of which do not need to be tied to a college or university degree. At the same time, I believe there is value to society in having those universities for deeper intellectual pursuits: history, literature and philosophy for example. Whatever the chosen path, it and the person pursuing it needs to be valued. Because we all contribute in our own way. The anti-intellectual attitude strikes me just as sad and short-sighted as the attitude of looking down on a skilled tradesperson or manual laborer. We all need each other and are enriched by one another.